Sports Science Department

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  1. Organizing the academic education in the field of sports science according to the latest developments in sports science and technology.
  2. Improving academic qualifications and professional lecturers.
  3. Enhancing the quality of research / scientific work and community service.
  4. Improving the management of study programs, strengthens the research cooperation in academics with universities/partner institutions national and international.


Graduates from the Faculty of Sports Science have the ability, mastery, and concern for the science and technology of sports science in health sports, with the ability to plan, manage, educate, research and develop sports institutions and health laboratories. Graduates from the Department of  Sports Science can also provide sports and health services to the community to be professionals in health sports and are skilled at applying their knowledge in everyday life.


  1. Producing scholars who have academic and professional competence in the field of Sports Science.
  2. Producing sports science practitioners to answer the community demand
  3. Producing innovative work in sports science following the latest developments in science and technology.
  4. Concerning the management of study programs according to the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2008 and IWA 2: 2007.

The Head of the Department of Sports Science

Head of Faculty Sugiarto, S.Si, M.Sc.
Secretary of Facuky Mohammad Arif Ali, S. Si., M. Sc.
Head of Laboratory Dr. Siti Baitul Mukarromah, S.Si., M.Si.Med.