Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School

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Brief Description: A Study Program of Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School (PETE) in Faculty of Sports Science, this Study Program organizes Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School in order to generate the graduates in the field of teaching Physical Education for Elementary School with a qualification of Bachelor of Education (S1) who are excellent, professional, skillful, and sensitive to the preservation of social community environment.


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Leader : Study Program Coordinator : Agus Widodo Suripto, Pd., M.Pd.


Become a Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School Department with conservation perspective and international reputation


  1. Improving the professional human resources in the field of primary school physical education
  2. Improving the quality of Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School through research activities and community service
  3. Developing innovative work in Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School which is relevant to the public needs
  4. Developing mutually beneficial cooperation with various parties at the national, regional, and international levels
  5. Participating in the development of national sports, through the implementation of the latest Science and Technology

Graduates Competence

Main Competence:

  • Able to manage and organize the learning of Physical Education Teacher Education for Elementary School using innovative strategy, technology, and democratic atmosphere
  • Able to provide sports coaching and training by using an innovative approach and culture-oriented technology, uphold the sportsmanship and nationalism values
  • Able to provide intelligent guidance in the learning and be skillful in sports
  • Able to be a role model for learners as characterized and responsible citizens
  • Able to manage character development activities through sports activity approach

Supporting Competence

  • Able to be a sports instructor
  • Able to manage the sports events
  • Able to manage sports business and entertainment
  • Able to develop the sports industry in order to smooth out their duties and roles
  • Able to apply the statistics theory in the sports field

Learning Objectives

  • Being devoted to the Almighty God and respecting the religions diversity, beliefs, cultures, and upholding the human values, morals, ethics, to contribute to the improvement of the public life quality with national character and insight
  • Showing the attitude of cooperation, responsibility, discipline and having social sensitivity and academical ethics in the public lives by internalizing the independence spirits, struggle, entrepreneurship, and conservation values
  • Understanding the pedagogical concept, planning, implementation, and evaluation, and Physical Education learning strategies and methods to support the mastery of science, the latest technology in the field of physical education for elementary school by using media and information technology creatively and innovatively.
  • Understanding the supporting theories to develop self-potential in solving global community problems as an alternative to career development
  • Having the ability of professional skills to make the right decisions based on the results of information and data analysis
  • Having the ability to develop networks, doing supervision and self-evaluation, and archiving data to ensure validity and preventing plagiarism
  • Having the ability to practice, plan, implement and evaluate and manage learning with a learner-centered learning approach by utilizing the science and technology-based learning resources, and environmental potential
  • Having the ability to conduct research and publication with a reputation in the field of physical education teacher education for elementary school
  • Having the ability to build up, train, organize events, develop industry, and sports entrepreneurship by paying attention to local wisdom’s value.