Organizational Structure

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Sports Science Faculty Organizational Structure

The Sports Science Faculty has three organizational structure levels, each at the Faculty, Departments, and Administrations level. The structures are as follows:

At the faculty level, Sport Science Faculty is led by a Dean who is assisted by three Vice Deans, namely:

  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (1st Vice Dean)

  • Vice Dean for General Administration (2nd Vice Dean)

  • Vice Dean for Student Affairs (3rd Vice Dean)

The Administration Section of Sport Science Faculty has four Subdivisions, each carries out different administrative tasks, namely:

  • Subdivision of Education and Student Affairs

  • Subdivision of Finance

  • Subdivision of Accounting

  • Subdivision of General and Employee Affairs

Each Department and Study Program in the Sports Science Faculty has the organizational structure as follows:

  • Head of Department

  • Department Secretary

  • Head of Laboratory

  • Head of Study Program